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French Horn/F.E. Olds Fench Horn Vs. Holton


Hi Mr. Jones

I've played French Horn for about 9 years. Haven't played in about seven years and am desperately wanting to pick it back up. I used to play on a Holton 179 and that is the horn I'd love to get, but I can't afford to buy one outright. I'm seeing an F.E. Olds on eBay for about 425$. I know nothing of the brand and couldn't really find a comparison on the Internet for that and a Holton. It would be great if you could shed a little light on the olds for me! Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


P.s. I've also sampled other horns like Conn, Jupiter, and Yamaha, and just really preferred Holton over those. Just a little FYI.

Hi, if it's an Olds double, in ok playing condition, then for that money it's a steal. Olds horns were very well made, blow nicely, and I think you would be fine with it until you've saved up for a Holton. King is the other cheap older make to look out for.

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