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Which is correct? "Un bon et vieux vin" OR "Un bon vin vieux"
I wrote the first one on an exam and the prof marked me wrong, writing the second one as the correct answer.
Adjectives with age are part of the group of adjectives which are placed before the noun, (ex: "Un jeune homme", "Une vieille femme") so why was my answer wrong? Is there a difference in meaning between "un vieux vin" and "un vin vieux".
I suspect that there is a difference in meaning, but that both are correct. Can you help me, please?
Merci en avance.

Hi Mike,

As a French, I should admit that this is not that clear to me and I do not find a correct way to say it. I would consider that both are correct. However, there is a subtle difference between the two.
- un bon et vieux vin is correct to me but  this means that the wine is both good and old. I think that "vieux vin" is like a noun, it is not like any wine. it is not a wine that is good and old. It is an old wine that is good. I know this is difficult to understand (and to explain).

- The sentence of your teacher is correct but there is another meaning implied :
the sentence un bon vieux + noun/une bonne vieille + noun contains the idea of a habit.
ah! cette bonne vieille blague = this joke we are used to saying.
I think in English there is also the expression : this good old friend (or is it : this old good friend?).

Anyway, Mike, I realize that my explanation is rather confusing! and I am sorry for not being more helpful.



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