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French Language/present or future with quand


Hi Caro,

"When she gets angry, she becomes red in the face." For this sentence what comes to mind is, Quand elle se fâche, elle rougit,
yet I remember something about using the future tense with quand when the English is in the present tense. Is my translation acceptable?


Hi Mike,

Your sentence is ok. You can also say : quand elle se fâche/ s'énerve, elle devient toute rouge.

You are right for the future but this is not the case in this sentence.
consider the sentence : She will leave the office when the work is done = elle quittera le bureau quand le travail sera fait. In English, future in 1st part / present in 2nd part of the sentence. In French there is future tense in both parts of the sentence.

In your sentence, it is a habit, present tense (like in English).
I hope this helps



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