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Are the following sentences acceptable?

Si je veux le faire, je m'empêcherai pas.
Si je voulais le faire, je m'empêcherai pas.
Si je voulais le faire, je m'empêcherais pas.

In general, can one combine the imparfait and the conditionnel? Something in the back of my mind says there is a rule about this.



Hello Mike,

Sorry for my late reply. Xmas is coming and there are many things to be done.

First the sentence "je m'empêcherai" pas sounds weird. We generally say : on ne m'en empêchera pas.
I do not really see how you can "empêcher" yourself. So let's consider instead je le ferais/je le ferai, which have the same meaning.

Si je veux le faire, je le ferai -> present in the 1st part of the sentence, then future tense.
Si je voulais le faire, je le ferais -> imparfait, then conditionnel.

I would say that "si je voulais le faire, je le ferai" (future) is not really correct.
However, I think that some examples are acceptable, but this is another story.

On French about, the given rule is :

First conditional: Likely / Potentiel
Present or present perfect + present, future, or imperative

Second conditional: Unlikely / Irréel du présent
Imperfect + conditional

Third conditional: Impossible / Irréel du passé
Pluperfect + conditional perfect

You should have a look there :

I hope this helps



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