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Hi there,

I did French for couple of years but I'm still very confused between 2 phrases.
One is - je t'aime and the other one je t'adore.

I know what they mean in literal sense, like one is I love you and the other I adore you.

My question is - which one is stronger out of the two in French?
I am asking because I want to propose to my partner who i love to pieces and she is a French speaker so I want to say it in French.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

Hello Andrew,

If at the beginning "adore" sounded stronger than "aimer", now in everyday life it is the contrary.

"je t'aime" is used by lovers.
When I say "je t'adore" it is a spontaneous expression for someone who helped me, pleased me or surprized me.
For instance, my best friend offered me tickets for a great concert :
"oh ! super! je t'adore"

My husband did the washing up :
"je t'adore mon chéri".

I think you should use "je t'aime" which is the most classical but the more appropriate word for you.

I hope this helps



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