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French Homework
French Homework  

French homework
French homework  
I need to understand this homework cause I need to be ready for a test on Monday.
I would really appreciate it if you could help me./////:D


Les questions concernent les "mois" (janvier, février ...) , les "saisons" (le printemps, l'été ...) et les jours (lundi, mardi, mercredi ...).
Le mot "quel /quelle/quelles ..) = which
exemple : Quel est le mois maintenant ? C'est septembre

Attention ! TIME = weather  Quel est le temps ? Il fait beau, froid, chaud , etc.

Then they ask you what you do during summer?  (Michelle, you can use Google translation for simple sentences, not complicated and listen to the sentences, it is a great tool!

La dernière question (last question ) is about le passé (past !) be careful with "avoir" and "être"
I went to = je suis allée à / au / à la ....  I did .... (J'ai fait ...)

the second page is about the verbs in the past with the "être" =  aller / partir / venir

Because it is a homework, I can't answer all the questions. I hope I've helped you
J'espère que je t'ai aidée.
Bonne chance chère Michelle

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