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I am curious about the family name "Chicquet."  I am guessingv that "chic" means "smart or stylish" and "quet" in this context may refer to "a man who is".   (not a woman "quette")  Am I overthinking this, or is this a reasonable interpretation?      I would appreciate an email response if possible.  Thanks!

Hello Scott,

Thank you for your question.
Your explanation may be convincing, but looking in a historical dictionary, the word "chic" appeared during the 19th century, that is to say long after the use of surnames.

I had a look on a genealogy website (geneanet). Chicquet is a variation of the name Chiquet. Here is what is said :

Le nom est surtout porté dans l'Indre-et-Loire et le Finistère (également 41, 62). Ce devrait être le surnom d'un homme petit (racine onomatopéique "tchik" évoquant l'idée de petitesse, idée que l'on retrouve dans l'expression "chiquet à chiquet" = petit à petit, utilisée autrefois en Anjou et dans le Berry)."

In English :
The name chiquet is found on Indre et Loire and Finistère(these are French departments). It designates a little man (tchik meant little, as we find it in the expression chiquet à chiquet = little by little, an expression formerly used in Anjour and Berry).

I hope this helps



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