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nap 1812
nap 1812  
QUESTION: Hello, I have some Napoleonic Documents that I can not translate. Can you assist.  Attached is an image of part of one.  I can send better scan.  Thanks.  Richard

ANSWER: Hello Richard,

I can try if you send me a better scan with the whole document.
The difficulty with this kind of documents is the old-fashion writing, not always readable for a 21th c. reader...

I made some genealogic research so I have a little experience but I cannot promise that I will be ale to give a complete translation. Let's have a try.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello, thanks, any thing you can give me will be a great help in solving the mystery of the document.  If you could send me a couple hints as you progress that would be great.  I also sent 3 images from my e-mail account.  Cheers and regards.  Richard

ANSWER: Hello Richard,

I like these documents. It is a slice of life.

(?) means that I am not sure
--- means that I cannot read.
I am not an English native speaker, so my translation may not always be accurate.

If you wish to learn more, you can also post your pictures on the Geneanet forum :
There, there are people who are used to reading old documents.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.



So here is my try :
1st picture
It is the name of a shop/manufacture Francez (?) Frères in Limoges.
=> Francez (?)brothers, according to the general meaning it seems that it is a taylor/ sewing shop or a textile manufacture - something related with clothes.

2nd picture

Paris le 23,
Paris, the 23rd (no mention of the month/year)

Je vous confirme ma lettre d'aujourd'hui vous (sortant dans/d'autres/deux détails?)
I confirm what I wrote in my letter today (giving two details? - sorting other details... no meaning for me)

depuis j'ai acheté (Since then, I have bought)
3? casimir 5/8 a 22? (3 cashmere 5/8 for 22 )
It seems that casimir was the former word for cashmere whool)
5/8 may be the size
22 the price

Ces objets vous parviendront avec les articles de chez Antony directement et non chez Monet? et Latreille (?)
You will directly receive these objects with the items from Antony [probably the name of another shop] and not at Monet (?)  and Latreille (or Latelle)
=> what I understand is that they had a previous agreement that the items should have been  sent to Monet and Letreille, but eventually the man would get them directly (without intermediary)

Vous recevrez de plus par la diligence
Moreover, you will receive by the diligence/stage-coach (items will be delivered by diligence)

4 ?? gilets à 2q?
4 waistcoats for 2 (price?)

3  ?? ?? Laine
3 ??? ??? wool

Vous recevrez de plus par diligence
Moreover, you will receive with the diligence/stage-coach
1... noir 15.50
1.... black 15.50
1.... blanc 16.25 => 2 Casimir (Cashmir)
1... White => 2 cashmere

J'ai acheté qui arriveront par roulage 3 coupes casimir blanc même longueur à 13.75 et j'ai recommandé qu'on mit dans le ballot de la diligence un grand ech(échaveau?) de cette dernière qualité afin que vous ayez la faculté/facilité de les offrir. Vous pourrez également offrir les articles anglais ci-dessus [cela pourra -----]au dehors --------. Ça pourrait traîner en longueur.  

I have bought 3 cuts white cashmere, same length for 13.75 (price) - they will arrive by coach [roulage is an old word that means : transport by a vehicule led by horses) and I have recommanded / asked that 1 big skein of this late/latter quality should be put into the diligence bundle so that you will have the possibility to offer them. You can also offer the English articles mentionned above. [this could------] outside -----------, it could spin out / it could take some time.

Je vous invite à ------------------ le prix des casimirs blancs (cannot figure if there is a full stop or a comma) ce soir à 4 heure il m'est arrivé cent (?) --------- (dans une maison?) et dans environ (----) demi heure (?) l'article a été enlevé sans égard au prix ni qualité.
L'article est bien et au 5/8 ----- de large. Ils vous arriveront dans la quinzaine.

I invite you to ---------------- the price of the white cashmere (full stop or comma?) this evening at 4 it happened to me ---------- in a house (?) and in about ----- half an hour the item was taken regardless the price and the qualty. The item is good et in 5/8 ---- of width. You should receive them within two weeks.

---------------- voudra dire à Corty (?) que je lui ai fait adresser dans la diligence n caisson renfermant un cabaret garni

--------------- tell Corty (?) that I have sent him by the coach a box containing alcohol?
cabaret is an inn or a music hall but is also (according to my dictionary) a set of liquor and bottles).

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Great, how interesting in that it has napoleon watermarks on it.  Anything else you can find would be great, can you make out a signature?  Regards and Cheers.  Richard

Hi Richard,

I have seen these kind of watermarks on official documents made by an attorney (notaire)
Maye people on a genealogical forum can help you identify it.
On the page you sent there is no signature. If you wish to send me the other pages, I could have a look.

Where did you find this document?



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