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I was workng a couple of days ago on Alter Ego 3 and there was something that attracted my attention:

When I was studyinf french at Alliance Française here in my country, my teacher used to say that in order to deny a verb when in infintive tense, we should do it in this way "Ne Pas (Avoir) " for exemple...
And the book is written in this way : N'avoir pas

Who is wrong, my teacher or the book?

Merci beaucoup in advence


Both are correct but the 2 expressions have diferent meaning :

Your teacher is right when he /she  says   "Ne pas avoir d'amis est difficile"
and the book says

N'avoir pas will always be used with a verb and it is called the "past infinitive"
Je pense ne pas avoir compris la phrase.
I think i didn't understand the sentence

I really hope I answered your question and I am sorry for the delay , my e-mail account was crazy!

Bonne chance!


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