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Freshwater Aquarium/HELP! Unexpected Molly fry!


abby C. wrote at 2008-04-06 16:14:30
as a follow up to the above answer, you do need to feed them a variety of foods. But in your case, we're dealing with 2-3 day old fry.  right now they're probably only interested in powdered flake foods and Liquifry. (a liquid food supplement that can be found at any pet store)

as the fry grow to about 2 weeks, then you can introduce them to a greater variety of food choices.

   recently, i went to Petsmart to buy two female Mollies. I had decided on one black and one Dalmatian (to accompany my Dalmatian male back in my 30 gallon tank) I told the lady to get me the fattest dalmatian female they had because i wanted fry. i was all prepared, with a breeding net, powdered/liquid food, and all my levels were where they needed to be. Just after i brought her home and put her in the breading net, she started to give birth. Mollys are livebearers so they don't lay eggs. so i can understand your situation!!!!

   Follow up: .You should keep your fry in a breeding net in your big tank until they get half the size of the adults

.feed them powdered and liquid food, and THEN introduce them to new foods

.make sure they have plenty of swimming space, a heater, a filter to oxygenate the water and keep the water clear, and keep them near the filter. they need plenty of flowing water.

  good luck with the babies!!! When they get older, i suggest trading them in for a five gallon tank with all of the above, incase it happens again. you know females can hold sperm for 6 months so they can have up to 4 batches with only being with a male once!!!

   Abby C. (helping a few a day, but making a HUGE difference)

Nancy wrote at 2013-03-19 05:54:59
I have mollie fry, but I want to know how I can safely do a water change and tank cleaning without killing some of the fry! I left the tank for two weeks now, but I've got to clean it soon!

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