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collsc1100 wrote at 2013-02-16 15:25:21
convict cichilds are very friendly there are find with guppys etc to jack dempseys ,jags ,fire mouths

it all balls down to the size of your tank

if its planted with live plants they will be pulled up not eaten just pulled out the ground convicts like to dig

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Currently I keep a wide range of species and have a lot of experience in; cichlids, platies, goldfish, bettas, dalmatian mollies, fancy guppies, clown loaches, corydoras catfish, and zebra danios, feeding, care, and fishless cycling tanks(I feel it is more humane.) I know some about breeding, as I breed Dalmatian mollies, and fancy guppies. If I donít know the answer I will do my best to get an educated answer for you. I donít know anything about saltwater except its a pain in the rear.


I have experience in setting up fishless tanks, compatible species (community tanks) experience, what to and what not to feed certain species, cleaning the tank, and all around fish care.

My local Fish club "Clown Loaches and you"

I own and maintain a large number of tanks with many various tropical fish species. During my fish keeping past I have learned a lot of the myths and truths about tropical fish care. Currently I keep a wide range of species, as well as taken numerous classes on fish keeping.

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