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meb wrote at 2013-02-04 20:30:32
Everyone laughs at me too.  I have a 14 yr. old common goldfish that has cost me a fortune in fungus cures, anitbiotics, bigger and bigger tanks, better filters, and air conditioning to keep her water cool enough... Need I go on? This goldfish has outlived my 2 dogs and a cat.  She is family!  And, like the previous poster said, No one wants to see a living thing suffer.  If you take one on, you are obliged to care for it responsibly. Sometimes that involves more cost and time than one wants to spend, but the joy our living creatures bring us is pretty special. Don't you think?  RE Fungus cures:  I've had better luck with API fungus cure than Mardel, but maybe there are stronger Mardel products that I don't know about.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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I can answer question about basic freshwater care, set-up, and diseases. I do not know anything about Cichlids, so please no questions about them. I know alot about fish compatibility, and basic conditions most freshwater fish need to be in to be healthy. I also know about the basic freshwater fish diseases. Also, I know what normal habits are for most fish, but not all. I will either answer the question based on my own experience or I will find out what the answer is. I have kept several types of fish including: angelfish, platys, cory catfish, silver dollars, bala sharks, bosemani and australia rainbows, and bumble bee gobys, just to name a few. I look forward to helping you keep happy and healthy fish.


I have had freshwater fish for over 10 years, and have read hundreds of books over the years.


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