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Van wrote at 2012-10-27 23:20:48
One of the best overall summaries for novice aquarists I have ever read.  Kudos, Nicole.


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Nicole Putnam


I have kept between 4-8 aquariums at a time for nearly 10 years. I can answer most questions on freshwater tropical fish and goldfish, if I am provided with sufficient data! Pond questions, brackish questions and planted tank questions are not my expertise so I will probably refer you to other websites and/or forums if you ask me these. You can also find me on the Wet Web Media forum - check out the Freshwater Fish section, where I am a moderator.


I keep a few freshwater tanks: a 55 gallon community tank featuring Kribensis and tetras, a 29 gallon subtropical tank with white cloud mountain minnows, pearl danios and Corydoras, a 29 gallon tank with platies and Endlers livebearers, two 10 gallon tanks with small tetras and dwarf gouramis, and all of my tanks have lots of Malaysian trumpet snails and (unfortunately) ramshorns. NOTE: All bettas need heated, filtered tanks. Most betta ailments are environmental. A 5 gallon acrylic tank with hood and filter is readily available from pet stores, and with the addition of a heater (coupled with good husbandry) this setup will keep a betta healthy for life.

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I read Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Practical Fishkeeping and Aquarium Fish International. I've read many aquarium books cover to cover, and encourage you to do the same!

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