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Freshwater Aquarium/firemouth cichlid


Mick wrote at 2016-09-04 17:23:03
What kind of antibiotic do you recommend . I've got two firemouths are they float to the bottom after eating. It's sad as they are lovely fish.  

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Michael Freynet


I can answer most questions on freshwater aquariums involving the biological cycle, live plants, fish compatibility, stocking quantity, feeding, filtration, aeration, water chemistry, and cleaning. I am still learning about some certain diseases and parasites but am more than willing to research any questions that I do not know.


I have owned multiple freshwater fish tanks over the years. I also help maintain other people’s freshwater fish tanks. I am currently a college student at Minnesota State University Moorhead for a major in Biology and a minor in Zoology. I'm also currently employed at Petco.

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