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Freshwater Aquarium/Hardness, alkalinity, pH, and my plecostomus


Dwaine wrote at 2013-01-05 17:58:30
Hello, I have had Kio and crayfish die (near the same time, in two different tanks), slowly one at a time over a 1 week span. They were 8 months old at that time. The pet store told me it was ammonia, so I purchased a ammonia meter and started over again. This next set lasted about 6 months, and then again the same symptoms (floating and swimming on their sides and erratically) and again they started dying off 1 at a time again. I took the water sample into the pet store and they sampled the water. The ph was the only thing high, and this is what they determined was the problem. I am on a well not city water, and the ph is always high. I am now trying to reduce the ph and alkalinity and see what happens ( I had 1 fish survive this round, and will see if I can get to survive through the ph lowering process before I add more). I searched the net, and the info I found stated high ph is not that bad for Kio, but the ph is the only thing that is high in my water. I am adding drift wood and ph reducer - I will keep you posted on the outcome.


(Can't get a confirmed diagnose)Dwaine.

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