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Freshwater Aquarium/white grows all over plants and tank


Giedrius wrote at 2014-02-25 18:40:47
Sorry, but my post won't help you Kevin, i will just cry about my aquarium... I have exactly the same fungus (algae?) problem, this fungus multiplies very very fast, changed my water, all of the flora soaked in hydrogen peroxide (had also black beard algae), rocks 3 times boiled, and all aquarium cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, no more black beard algae, but after 2 days all of the tank is full of that white stuff again, don't know what it caused, but i had brought in 2 axolotls, one plant, and few snails, all from the same new shop to me, also tried first time fertilizer a week ago. I can assure that it is not what Matt thinks it is

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Matt Dao


My area of expertise is NOT in saltwater. My knowledge in diseases only extends so far, but will do my best to help you. I will do my best to help and give appropriate interventions. I am however, very knowledgeable about Ich, Dropsy, fin rot, internal parasites, and other common diseases/parasites. I have kept aquatic plants for a long time and I enjoy working with aquascaping of all my tanks as well as others. I can answer questions concerning type of lighting, substrate, filters/powerheads, heaters, arrangements, most aquatic plants and their requirements, CO2, drop checkers, fertilization, water chemistry, quarantining and how to initially setup a tank to avoid casualities due to nitrogen build up etc. I keep many species of aquatic dwarf shrimps and have a good knowledge of their care, breeding, and requirements as well. Please provide me with as much information about your tank such as type of how long it has been set up, lighting, substrate, temperature, nitrogen readings if possible and etc for the best response from me.


Have kepted and maintained densely planted tanks for over 10 yrs. Dwarf shrimps and their care and breeding.

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