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All the articles I've read say to add chlorine removal to the water. Not everyone has city water. People with their own wells don't have chlorine in their water, but are adding chlorine remover to their water because people who write the articles do not mention tap water from private wells. (:

Don, You are so correct. I have worked in this business for years and because they do not understand the chemical's this is a common mistake. There is no need for ammonia remover. About the biggest problem you can have from well water would be mineral and that is simple to fix with reverse osmosis. Which simply means removing the water in there for instance as you do water changes and replacing it from a different source. For instance bottled water the need to do this is rare but, it does happen. This will be published so thank-you for sharing this information with everyone. Good Luck, Tina

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I can answer any question's you have regarding new set ups, filtration, lighting, heating and fish compatability. I can help you with breeding. I am familiar with fish disease, parasites, injuries and how to treat them. I am familiar with all your regular species....such as your Goldfish(all kinds), your tropical community fish as platy's, mollie's, tetra's and such, your semi-aggressives such as gourami's, angel's, shark's, and such, and your cichlids...African and South American. I am also familiar with most of your rarer fish such as butterfly's, snakehead's, flowerhorn's, arowana's, dragon's and many more !!!!!


I have been in the petcare industry for over 20 years. I have managed a pet shop for years and have worked for a large petchain for years. I know their policie's if you have a problem. I have to say there isn't too much I haven't come across. I have kept fresh, salt, brackish tank's forever...

Beside's my experience I also have a background in chemistry and biology.

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