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Freshwater Aquarium/dominate mollies fighting how to stop


ok i just got a new yellow molly and a black spotted Mable molly i have seems to be poking at it and i'm worried this may kill the yellow one should i return the yellow one?

If the tank is over populated this will happen. Since you have added new fish, everyone is staking their claim to the territory. If it does not calm down in a few days, or things get worse, remove the one being picked on and place it in your hospital tank. If it gets too bad, then I would return the fish to the store.

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I can answer question regarding, raising, breeding, feeding and the general upkeep of Betta fish. I can answer general questions about isolating a disease and the treatment needed to help your Betta. I am knowledgeable in fresh water tanks and can answer any question regarding them. I cannot answer questions about salt water tanks.


I have had fresh water aquariums for most of my life, including the 23 years I served in the Marine Corps. I have been raising Betta's for some time now, and have ventured into breeding a few years back. I currently own 5 males and 4 females and I have about 200 almost 3 week old fry. I make my own filters and I have tried almost all the food on the market for fry and I know what has worked for me and what has not worked.

I do not have Betta related educational credentials, but I have educated myself in Betta care. I have read quite a few books and articles from both the internet and ones that I have purchased. I consider myself well educated in Betta care.

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