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I recently bought 2 African dwarf frogs and introduced them to my Aquarium with my Molly's and tetras that I have had for a year. Unfortunately my frogs have passed but now I see little worm like things swimming in the water. Could this be parasites from the frogs and what can I do about them. Will they hurt my fish.

Sandy, You definitely have a parasite. Probably fluke worms. As long as you have no invertebrates like snails in your tank this is pretty easy to cure. Go to your local pet shop and get a medicine called copper safe. If it been awhile do your water change. Add the amount for your size tank. You do not have to take your carbon out as with most medications. This is a mineral based medication so will not evaporate. It can only be removed during water changes. If you do a water change while you are medicating figure out a close estimate of how many gallons you removed and add more accordingly. This will stay in your water for about 30 days. This will cover the life cycle of your pest and you should have no more problems. Then do a 40% water change. Good Luck, Tina

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