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Hi sir.

I have a fresh water aquarium. 2 days ago I bought a pair of silver moony or mono angel then next day I saw white pointed spots on them like fungus and on shipikun fish I saw her tail turned in to saprate threads and dose not swim anymore just stay on the gravel. And now I saw this same problem on other  fishes named gold fish,silver shark. Please sir help me sugest some remidyyy sir

Jahangir, I really would like to have known the size of your tank. You have quite a bad mix of fish. First, Your Mono Sebae is a brackish angel which means to have it healthy and grow to a beautiful silver and black more prominent lines you need to have him in a mix of water and SEA salt. The true brackish for them is about 2 to 3 tablespoons per gallon. They will live and fresh water but their life span will be shorter. The Shibunkin is a goldfish that is going to grow between 6 to 8 inches in a fish tank they are a Carp and grow quick young but grow continuously though their whole lives. The goldfish....I would recommend a large tank about 55 gallons with other species to be with them. The Bala shark you have is strong when an adult but not that tolerant of the waste output from your goldfish when they are young. They are very delicate young. The threading is probably from the ammonia levels in your tank. It has to be maintained especially well with a goldfish. Because I don't know your tank size the thing I would do is definitely a good cleaning and probably about 25% a week. If this is a new tank that would cause this also because you haven't built a bacterial field in your substrate to recycle your ammonia's. If you want to keep another tank turn it brackish and add a scat and maybe some spotted puffers to add with your Mono it would be nice. Now Shibunkin's are raised in hatcheries and can carry parasites. This is very easy to take care of. I do believe you have copper safe there. It is usually very inexpensive. Add as direction which I do believe is 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons but check. You do not have to take the carbon out of your filter and keep it running. This will stay in your tank for about 30 days which will make sure it covered the life span of the parasite. If you do a water change and you are still in the thirty days which you probably will. You should have a good idea of approximately how much water you removed and add more copper safe for the amount you removed. You want the levels to stay regular for 30 days. If you would like to tell me your tank size and ask more question Jahangir, please ask. Good Luck, Tina

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