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Freshwater Aquarium/Siamese fighter fish is acting strange


Hi Sam, My friend recently left her fish with my neighbours when she went on holiday. I've been told he is a Siamese fighter fish. He started acting strange about 5 day's ago. he normally is swimming around and eats well. He now spends all his time at the bottom of the tank it seems his body is twisted and is unresponsive. I did read that he may have been overfed and the neighbour did admit feeding him more than usual. I read that he should not be fed for a few day's so since Wednesday he has had no food but there's no improvement. I also read to give him the inside of a pea but he will not eat that. We do keep it cool in the room i don't know if this is affecting him? He is in a round bowl not an aquarium with a few stones at the bottom. I really want him back to normal before my friend comes back and hate to see him suffer.

I hope you can help

Many thanks

Hi Emma!

Sorry for the late reply. My internet was off for a while.

As for the fish, it's probably over fed and under a lot of stress. Check the pH levels, the temperature, and oxygen levels. If the pH levels are too high, try changing the water and add some Stress Coat. Stress Coat removes stress up to 40%. The temperature should be around 24C so a heater would help. Oxygen levels can be increased with an air pump. All the items are available at Petsmart.


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