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Hi Tina I hope you could help me with my problem. Or rather find an answer :) I bought two mollies this weekend. One of them is a male black molly. Today I noticed single small spot on its caudal fin. I am not sure if it was there before. Is it might be the Ick? My brother in laws fish had it but sick fish had lot of spots from the beginning. All parameters are normal and there were no changes in temperature. Thank you so much in advance for your help. Ah! I have a 30 gallon tank.

Urszula, This is a case of ich. Do not worry very simple to fix. There is product at your pet shop called coppersafe. I think it will be 1 teaspoon to every 10 gallons. Check, it has been awhile since I have used it. You do not have to raise your temperature and do not have to remove your carbon from your filter as with most medications. It will stay in your water for about 30 days. This will take care of that. It will not hurt the other fish or any you may add. Good Luck, Tina

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