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I have a red Veiltale Betta who has been acting strange lately. Normally, he lives in a heated, filtered 5-gallon tank with silk plants and he eats a varied diet of flakes, pellets, and freeze dried bloodworms (only as treats. I recently changed the heater in his tank and noticed that he has been sticking close to the top of the tank and refused to eat. At first, I thought it was just stress; however, he began rocking from side to side, as well. I treat his water regularly with Aquarium salt and Water Conditioner, and he has no apparent signs of parasites. I thought he may have Swim Bladder Disease--based upon its description and his symptoms. Also, he does not have the 'pinecone' scales that are commonly seen on a fish with Dropsy.
I transferred him to a smaller, one-gallon 'hospital tank' so that he is easier to monitor--as advised on a Betta Care website and have not fed him. I have heard that a cooked, frozen pea is a useful treatment, but I am unsure of how/why he would eat a pea--if he is refusing food.

Please (not Puh-lease-Bachelor degree in English, here. :))help me! I have attached some pictures, though they may not help you too much. I have previously asked this question on Yahoo! Answers, but only received death-sentence responses and I do not want to give up on him. I appreciate any advice that you have to offer!

Hi Mallary!

Your betta seems to be under stress as well. Try some API Stress Coat. This item is available at Petsmart or Petco for about $3-$6 and removes stress up to 40% (scientifically proven). Loss of appetite is also a symptom of stress so this item might help.

Maybe he will start eating again when the stress is gone. If not, please ask a follow-up.

Hope this helps!

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