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Hi im rachel and im in need of yr help ive got a 240 litre tank my tank is showing high doses of ammonia 4ppm and low ph of 6.0 ive done 25% water change last nite & 50% day b4 no change im new to having abig tank as my last 1 was only a 60 litre tank with a internal filter never had a external filter tank till 7mths ago

Hi Rachel!

Try changing the water again, 50% this time. If that doesn't work, go and buy some ammonia control. I recommend the API Stress Zyme. It lowers and controls pH levels and reduces slime in the aquarium. It contains beneficial bacteria that eats away the ammonia and nitrate. This item also functions as a water dechlorinator. It's available online and at your local pets store.

Hope this helps!

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