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I have four jack dempseys in a 29 gallon tank. I am currently saving money for a bigger tank for them, but I have one problem. My ammonia is at about 2.0 ppm, I have done a couple water changes and put water conditioner in. I can not figure out how to get it down or what to do. If you could give me any information, I would appreciate it. Thanks

Hi Daniel

The only way to control ammonia is with water changes. Do 15% water changes every couple of days until the ammonia comes down. Make sure when doing water changes that you use a gravel vac to siphon the gravel to remove excess food and waste. Don't waste your time or money on ammonia control chemicals, they do not work. Change the carbon in your filter every couple of weeks. When you get the ammonia under control, then do 25% water changes once a week.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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