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Hi I have a 100l tank and was wondering how many goldfish I could put in it and also my other tank we have just changed the water and its gone cloudy I think we put to much tap safe in would it harm the fish if I took half the water out and put fresh with out any more tap safe in it

You would be better off getting different fish. Goldfish really belong in ponds, because if their growth is left unstunted, they grow to be a foot long. If you keep them in a smaller environment, their outside body will appear to stop growing, but the inside does not. It is not a very good way to live. Instead, I recommend possibly making a small community tank. You would just need a heater, filter, and some decorations to be able to keep a small school of fish such as Tetras or Harlequins and maybe a Dwarf Gourami. 100l is really too small for any goldfish.

Putting too much conditioner is better than putting too little. I would just run the filter, and the water may clear up. If it does not, you can perform a normal water change to try to alleviate the cloudiness, but be sure to condition the water before you put it in there anyway.  

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