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Freshwater Aquarium/adding a dwarf gourami to a 5 gal tank with 5 other community fish.


Hi Richard: I just inherited a  5 gal. tank. I stocked it with fresh water fish: i.e., 3 small danios, 1 cory catfish, 2 pink glo-fish. They are non-aggressive & get along fine. (a) can I add one more fish like another glo-fish[blue or purple] or small dwarf gourami? (b) My 5 gal. tank is well aerated; water remains clear/I feed either flakes, a small portion of algae tabs for the cory. None are keen on the Fried Dried shrimp. (c) can I substitute freeze dried daphnia?. Hope these inquiries aren't too challenging. Whatever you wish to answer is fine!! thanks, Ken

Hi Ken

Your tank is overstocked as it is. Unfortunately, a 5 gallon is only large enough for 4 small fish (1 - 2 inches in length)

In addition to the flakes, you can add bloodworms a couple of times a week. The algae wafers are perfect for the Cory.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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