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Hello, I work at a primary school which had about a 47 litre fish tank with a sucker fish and a black moor. I noticed the black moor looked like it had missing scales and was lying on the bottom of the tank a lot. I removed the sucker fish but the black moor was still on the bottom. I spoke to a pet shop and they said the sucker fish was doing this to the black moor and it was exhausted due to being chased. Also the school had moved the fish tank around with lots of water changes plus I noticed the kids were over feeding making the tank very dirty. I ended up taking the black moor home to my house (due to the stress) in a smaller tank he is not on the bottom any more and swims around a lot, but hes not eating very much. I give him flakes most goes to the bottom so I take out the uneaten food with a small fish net. The tank looks clean and has a live plant in there for good oxygen plus a filter. I have had him now for nearly a week should I do a small water change? He is looking a lot better since being in my tank. I thought maybe he was lonely as being alone in the tank- but I didn't want to get another fish just yet as he still recovering from the stress. Is there anything else I can do to help. He looks good some days swimming around but then other days not too good.  Thank you for your help.

Hi Melissa!

Please try the API Stress Coat. This item is available at almost any pet store (Petsmart) for about $4-7. According to your information, it is under stress due to over feeding. Serious cases of over feeding can even cause it to get swim bladder disease. Over feeding also causes cloudy water, mold, more algae, and sometimes even parasitic worms. Since fish will almost never eat food on the floor, the excess food will just turn into ammonia or nitrite. If your tank does not have a filter, please install one. A filter greatly improves the water quality and gives fish a comfortable current to swim with. Don't get another fish or the fish your have now will just be harassed by the newbie, and be under even greater stress.

I hope this helps! If that doesn't work, please ask a follow-up! XD


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