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Hello Richard,
I happened across this site while trying to find out more info on starting my aquarium. I am into my second day from setting up a brand new 37 gal. tank. My tank is covered with tiny air bubbles all over everything. It has a short air stone running and the water filter that looks like a water fall. I purchased the tank as a starter kit from petsmart. Do i need to be doing something to cut down on the bubbles?? I'm talking about hundreds of them. Please help, as i would like to know my tank is safe for fish. I took a water sample in and all the tests came back good. Just waiting my week till i can have it retested before buying some fish. I'm attaching pics to hope it helps in your reply. Sincerely, gail

Hi Gail

The bubbles are nothing at all to worry about. Every new fish tank has these bubbles, they are caused by dissolved gasses and oxidation in the water. Many people use these bubbles as a guide when starting a new tank...when the bubbles disappear, the tank is ready for fish. They should go away in a day or two.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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