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hi..i have a 30 gallon aquarium and have put 3 silver dollars in another aquarium until i get the 30 gallon one all cleaned out and sterilized. i am doing this while a contractor is here doing a kitchen upgrade, which will take about 10 business days. there is a lot of water marks in there and also some algae, which i am taking off with a razor. so, what can you recommend as ways to make the tank look almost new, with all these water lines, etc., in it? the fish are in a 10 gallon tank waiting to be put back into the 30 gallon, which wont be yet for as long as 3 weeks, considering the contractor has not even started yet. thank you!!

Hi James!

Well you can purchase some algae control. Almost any brand works so pick the one you like. Follow the instructions and and pour some into the tank. After a few days, the algae will die out, making it easier to remove. If you have old gravel you can wash it or give it a little rinse to wash away the dirt and debris. A faster way would to just buy new gravel. After you get rid off the algae, go ahead and decide what kind of fish you would like to keep. After that change the water and re-add the algae control to prevent algae growth. To maintain water clarity and a good appearance, please do regular water changes and add a filter. A filter greatly enchances water quality and it also gives the water a nice current for the fish. If you wish to purchase a light for your aquarium, you can because it emphasizes the cleaness of the tank and makes the fish and decoration in the tank more beautiful.

If you any more questions please ask in a follow up! xD


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