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Freshwater Aquarium/my beta has grey-ish green around his head


beta closeup
beta closeup  

far off
far off  
I have had a Beta for a little over a week. About two three-days ago grey-ish green kind of fuzzy stuff showed up on his gills. It has now spread all over his head. He has one pink spot on top of his head and it looks like the skin in the head area may be grey. I am new at this but it seems to me that he eats very little. I am very worried about him especially since his gill tissue is sticking out from under the gill covers and is almost black. Do you know what could be wrong with him? If so what can I do? I clean his tank at least every other day and have a light bulb from a lava lamp shining on him to keep him warm when I am awake (I turn it off before i go to bed and back on when I get up). water feels lukewarm to touch. please help him

Hi Miriam!

I believe the spots are ick. I'm not sure what the other diseases are as it did not show up every well in the photos (which helped a lot xD ) so I recommend you to try the Tetra LifeGuard. This item can be used for treating fungus, ick, red streaks, milky or shedding slime, flukes, bacterial gill disease, mouth and fin rot, clamped or torn fins, and ulcers. So its basically a fish panacea. And no, it will not affect other fish.

Hope this helps!

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