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How do I change the water for a 29 gallon fresh fish aquarium?  I read change the water, but never see instructions on how to change it.

Hi Darryl

The best way to do it is to purchase a water changing kit from your local pet store that will attach to your faucet. These come with detailed instructions on how to use it and a 25 foot hose. Extensions are available if your sink if farther than 25 feet from your tank. Make sure you add water conditioner to the tank before you add the fresh water.

If the above isn't an option, you can buy a gravel vac from your local pet store. It works like a siphon cleaning the gravel and removing the water. Siphon 25% of the water into a large bucket. After 25% of the water is removed, stop the siphon and use a large bucket full of clean water treated with a water conditioner to replace the water in the tank.

Here are a couple of links to help you with water changes

Hope this helps you, good luck!


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