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Okay I have a 30 gallon tank with six cichlids in it. I have one female yellow lab. One male cobalt blue. I have two kenyi one male one female. I have one male yellow fin acei and one female black white fin acei. I'm having aggression problems with my male kenyi. Some people have told me to add more fish To my tank but I thought the rule was 1 inch per gallon.  I also heard that I should add an aratus Cichlid to my tank To give my Kenyi a run for his money. So should I add more fish or should I add the one aratus?

Hi Stephanie

Your tank is already at capacity, adding more fish will only add to the aggression problem. With Cichlids, there will always be aggression. You can try rearranging the tank decorations periodically to disrupt territories, that sometimes helps. If the Kenyi is making contact and injuring the others, you may need to remove him from the tank. If there is just chasing etc going on, I would leave it alone.

Hope this helps you, good luck!


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