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Hi I have a large amount of cichlids, some I got free, and others are from breeding and I love them to bits. My question is: I am in the Army and posted to England from Germany. What is the best way to transport my fish to England? I can get a battery operated air pump to give oxygen, but I am not sure if this will be enough! Also I will be staying in a hotel for around 10 days, in between this I am on an overnight ferry so they will be in the boot of my van for 6 hours!! Please can you advise as I have never transported my fish any further that 200 miles. Thanks in advance.

Hi Marc

Put them in styrofoam buckets that have covers, with battery operated air pumps. Don't put any more than 6 adult fish per bucket. The styrofoam will insulate the fish to keep the temperature fairly stable. Put the buckets in plastic bags. Fill the buckets 1/2 full of clean water, and fill other 1/2 with water from your tank. Take extra clean water with you in separate containers so you can do a small water change 1/2 way through your trip.

When you arrive at your destination, set up your tank immediately. You'll need to acclimate your fish to the new water chemistry just as you would when you bring them home from the pet store. Large ziploc bags will work. Put water from the buckets in the bags and float them in your tank, add about a tablespoon of the new water to the bags every 15 minutes over an hour. This will acclimate them to the temperature of the tank, and to the new water chemistry.

Hope this helps you, good luck!


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