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My fish looks like it's tail is broken and it's swimming upside down.Is this a disease?i need your help,please.

It sounds to me like your fish has swim bladder disease. Swim bladder disease is fairly common and can occur for a variety of reasons, such as shock, bad water quality, constipation, physical injury, or an infection. It is difficult to treat it without knowing the underlying cause, but fish can recover from it. There are several things recommended for the treatment of swim bladder, but it is best to treat the underlying cause if you can figure out what it is.

One cause of swim bladder disease is constipation. You can try fasting the fish for a few days, and then feeding it peas. Not feeding a fish for three days or so will not do it any harm. Squeeze the insides out of the pea and see if you can get the fish to eat it after you fast them. You can also boil the peas first to soften them up more for the fish if needed. The purpose of this is to break up any impaction that the fish may have. Peas act as a natural stool softener. When you go back to feeding it regular food, soak the food in a little bit of aquarium water before feeding it to the fish. That allows the food to expand before the fish eats it, which lowers the chance of impaction/constipation.

What kind of fish is it? Some fish do not tolerate salt very well, but for most, it helps them to heal. You can get aquarium salt at most stores that sell aquarium supplies. Adding the correct dosage of it to the tank will help improve gill function, reduce stress, and speed up healing (as long as your fish is not one of the fish that cannot tolerate salt).

If fasting the fish and feeding it peas does not work or you believe the fish needs medication, Maracyn-Two is a medication that is often recommended for swim bladder issues. Maracyn-Two will help if there is an actual infection of the swim bladder. However, Maracyn-Two has the potential to affect the natural cycle that occurs in the tank, so be extra vigilant with checking the water if you use it.

There should be zero ammonia, zero nitrites, and some nitrates if your tank is processing waste correctly. The most important thing for your fish is to keep the water clean and free of ammonia and nitrites, which are very harmful.

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