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Hi Elizabeth,
Was wondering I have About 10 Neon Tetras in a large enough tank for them and i keep them in Kinley packaging Water which is treated water with salts of Sodium and Magnesium. I got this idea from my pet store guy who told me Neon's like soft water so best if i keep them in Mineral water so was wondering and wanted a second opinion from an Expert if I'm on the right track with the water.
Thank you.


I do not know the details of that specific water, so I am not sure if it is safe. However, bottled water can be potentially dangerous because vitamins, preservatives, and other things are often added to bottled water to make it more appealing. I would investigate that brand of water thoroughly to make sure it does not have harmful additives. You really only need to use packaged water if you are certain that your tap water is unsafe. Hope this helps!

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