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I have an 39 gallon tank with 4 mollies 2 tetras and one Angelfish. One of my mollies had babies as I see about 8-10 of them swimming around. My ? is what do I do with them ? Will they survive? is that too many to keep in that size tank? I don't want to lose them but I have one other tank with a betta and really have no room for another in the house. Oh I hate to see anything bad happen to them. Thank you for your help in advance

breeder net
breeder net  
Hi Kim

You'll need to put them in a breeder net. The other fish in the tank, especially the Angelfish will eat the babies if you don't get them out of there. A breeder net comes in various colors and hangs inside the tank like the pic I attached here.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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