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I have read numerous things about cloudy water but I can't find an answer or solution that fits my problem. I have a 30 gallon tank and 4 decent size live pants. I have 1 four inch Bala Shark, 5 three inch giantdanios, 3 one inch paradise guppy type fish, and 1 two inch albino Chinese algae eater.
I change 25% of the water every other week and about 2 gallons evaporate in between changes. My water is cloudy for the first week and a half and then clears up overnight. I use the recommended amount of water conditioner and the recommended amount of StressZyme at each change. I use a few ounces of conditioner in between cleanings when it gets really cloudy. There is no algae in my tank or other visible decomposition. I have two filter slots in my water filter. There is a noticeable flow loss and even back up with the filters by change time. I've tried not changing filters at water change, didn't filters, partially rinsing the filters with fish water, changing them half way through the week, no matter what I try, when I change the filters I almost instantly get cloudy water!! I'm sick of cloudy nasty water, help please!

Hi Christy

I apologize for a slight delay in answering your question, my notification from the site went to my spam filter for some reason.

The cloudy water is being caused by the Stress Zyme. Stress Zyme is a bacteria additive and causes a bacteria bloom which causes cloudy water. Stop using this product, it is useless. You should not be adding ANY chemicals to your water other than water conditioner.

You should be doing 25% weekly water changes, not every other week. In your case, I would do 25% water change weekly, then a 10% change about mid week until the water clears. When you change the water, make sure you siphon the gravel well with a gravel vac. Excess food and waste in the gravel will also cause a bacteria bloom as well as an ammonia spike. A 2 gallon loss between changes is too much. Replace evaporated water when the level drops 1/4 inch.

You didn't mention what type of filter you are using, but if there is a flow loss and a back up, the cartridges are clogged. You should only need to change your cartridges once a month. Use a pipe cleaner to clean the intake tube as well as the return flow.

I think once you stop using the Stress Zyme, the other problems you are having will correct themselves.

Hope this is helpful to you, good luck!


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