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Freshwater Aquarium/New tank, starter goldfish keep dying


We set up a 60 gallon tank, over-sized filter, bubble wall and bubble disc, washed the gravel and plants...all good things, right? Let it cycle for three days, then went to investigate some potential fish friends. The guy at the fish store gave us three "starter" goldfish to help the tank cycle for awhile longer. They all died in 24 hours. Brought a water sample in for testing... no issues whatsoever. Received two more "starter" goldfish. One is dead within a day, the other is waffling. The only common denominator that we can figure is the food. We were recommended Cobalt aquatics brand Brine Shrimp Flakes. All of the fish were only fed once before meeting their doom. What else could we be doing wrong?

Hi Scott!

I believe the problem could be the water temperature. Gold fish like to live in waters at a temperature of 6568 F (23.5 C) degrees. Also, please refrain from feeding them when you first put them in the tank as it will cause the fish to stress out, hence decreasing survival rates. As most pet stores distribute purchased aquatic animals in plastic bags, I suggest you place the bag into the tank first to allow the water temperatures to synchronize slowly, preventing temperature stress. This should increase the chances of succession of gold fish's survival. If you'd like extra insurance, buying some stress reliever will help. They range from $5-12 depending on how big the bottle is.

Hope this helps!!


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