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Is it normal for a molly fish to have one to two fries over the span of 2 to 3 weeks? or is it normal for a Molly fry to have 3 molly fish in one month? I'm asking because we have a molly fish it's a spot in black and white and last month we noticed she had 5 new fries and a new fry about 2 weeks ago. last week we noticed there was another fry inside the tank and today we've noticed there are two more additional baby fry in the tank. I was told by the fish store where I got my molly fish that they should have them all together at once. So is the mom or other fish eating the other fries? I am also sending you a picture of some stuff we found floating in our tank.  I hope you can help on identifying what this stuff is bc we have no clue. thank you. Rita

Hi Rita!

Yes! It is normal for mollies to have fries over the span of 2-3 weeks. That's just their normal rate of reproduction.

As for the mother, I suggest you remove the fries in a separate tank and make sure they don't get caught in the filter. I'd recommend this product:

The "stuff" floating around in the water is most likely algae, its not exactly harmful; remove if you wish but if you decide to leave it just make sure it does not over grow.

Hope this helps!

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