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This may seem like a very strange question. But for my defense I have tried to look it up on the internet. Maybe I just think of dumb questions then make bets with people and then try to prove them wrong. But I dont believe I know how a fish tank in general works. My questions is about a fear I had when I was younger. Okay, if I had a fish tank and there was a very large fire in my house would.... my fish boil to death first or would the fish tank break?
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Well it really depends on how big your fish tank is and what the material is. If it was plastic then it would melt from the heat and water would spill out, thus killing the fish or whatever animal in the tank. Glass tanks would offer more resistance, but if the fire was left untreated the fish would eventually die as well. The tank might get hot enough to boil the water if the flames are hot enough or the water would just evaporate if the tank is very small.

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