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I have searched all over the web and don't seem to find an exact answer. I am planning on setting up a 300 gallon aquarium with catfish, the tank will be 30 high, 24 deep, and 96 long. My issue is how many powerheads, and where to place them. I found on amazon that someone said works just as good as the expensive ones, Sun Sun Dual Wavemaker powerheads JVP 3170 gph, buy 4 of them. One fear I have is they would be too powerful. My idea idea if they would not be too powerful, put one at each corner on the bottom and face one nozzle on each across the tank and point the others towards the middle which should move the water and have no dead spots. Please advise me the placement for each filter and where to point each of the 8 nozzles. Thanks

Hey Brian

I don't have a tank that large, but on my 180g I use 4 filters..2 Fluval 406 on each end and point the return flow lengthwise of the tank and 2 HOB Marineland 400 in the center with the return toward the front of the tank. My 4 powerheads are Marineland Maxi-Jet 900, one on each corner at the bottom of the tank pointed toward the center. I have several fish in this tank of various sizes and none seem to be too bothered by the currents, but I have them adjusted to get the job done without blowing smaller fish across the tank. Whatever brands you decide to use, they should be adjustable to control the flow.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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