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Hi my question is in a 50 g aquarium can I insert 10 Tiger Barbs 5 Assorted Platy 5 Panda Cory 3 Starbai Cory 2 Blue Acara and 2 German Rams.

Thank you

Hey Christian

You will need to reconsider your tank mates for the Blue Acara. They are generally a more peaceful Cichlid but they are still a Cichlid and could harass and/or attack smaller fish. Keep in mind too that river sand is best with Acaras as opposed to gravel because they love to dig and could hurt themselves on gravel. Keep Acaras with other Cichlids of similar size, about 6"-8" as adults, and Plecos as your bottom feeders, not Corys. Tiger Barbs are also not good tankmates for German Rams as Barbs can be a little nippy. I would keep Rams with livebearers such as Mollies, Swordtails and Platies. Smaller fish such as Neon Tetras and Rummynose Tetras will work with Rams also. Corys will work well with Rams.

Hope this helps you, good luck!


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