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Our high school biology class is working on a project to interbreed different species of fish.

What I wanted to ask was whether or not you knew what kinds of common fish species will breed with other species and possibly how we can take care of them.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Hello Ann!

Not all species of fish can inter-breed but it is possible for different species to breed if they are in the same genus. Theoretically, mollies can hybridize with guppies since they are both under the classification of the genus Poecilia, but the fry they produce usually fail to survive. Fish that DO hybridize well include cichlids.

There's only the (slim) possibility of two different species of fish hybridising if they're in the same genus or otherwise closely linked genetically. In theory guppies and mollies can hybridise, they're both in the genus Poecilia, but the only known records of the two having fry, those fry have been sickly, weak and died. Despite that, there are fish, such as cichlids, that can produce hybridized offspring more successfully.


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