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ablesdad wrote at 2013-08-14 01:18:20
I have a 5 gallon fresh water tank. I have never had sick fish or any issues with them. I change 25% or about 1 gallon of water every week. I use stress coat to take the chlorine out of the tap water. Once a month I use water vacumn that siphons the water out, to suck the crud off the gravel and when I'm done usually about 50 to 75% of the water is gone. I then refill one gallon at a time adding stress coat to each gallon as the fish will be stressed (I remove them from the tank before cleaning and put them in a pitcher of thier own water from the tank). Then after the tank is topped off with water I add Quick Start to the water(quick start I buy at petsmart or walmart) It adds bacteria that get rid of nitrates and amonia and makes the water safe (it's used so  you can start your tank with fish on day one). I also change the filter out once a month. Do this and you will never have a problem. The water will be cloudy after you clean it on the monthly change but within about 3 hours it's clear as a bell. I usually try to wait about an hour before I add the fish back to the new water. I also wait about 3 hours and then feed them after I have added them.  

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