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Billy wrote at 2014-07-24 00:58:20
I use rid x in aquariums. It has some of the same bacterias as biozyme. I have used it with discus and with my albino red guppies.

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I can answer questions about problems and solutions for your fish tank. Over the last forty years I`ve kept fish many times, then continuously over the last eleven years. The downside of fish tanks is fish loss. Please write to me before it`s too late! If you`re thinking of getting an aquarium for your children or giving live fish as a present, please write to me first.


I have kept numerous freshwater tanks from one to thirty gallons. My favorite fish was a long-lived plectocymus (catfish algae eater). He had so much character he could take over the whole living room. He was only a couple of inches long when I got him and grew to about 12" by the time he died in 2001. Since that time I have only kept betta fighting fish.

My first fish tank was at about age eight. I've also had a lot of failures - something you have to learn to deal with if you want to keep an aquarium.

Overfeeding is the leading cause of fish loss. Ask me if overfeeding could be a problem in your tank.

Please go to my web page for freshwater aquarium care and print it out. It tells you what to do in an emergency situation:

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