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Freshwater Aquarium/compatible sucker fish for ranchu goldfish


Zero wrote at 2008-10-05 20:06:29
Plecos are excellent cleaners, but not a good match for the larger, slower varieties of goldfish such as Ranchu.

The problem is that like goldies, plecos grow to the size of the tank, and if you've got big, slow Ranchus and a large pleco, you've got trouble if the pleco develops a taste for the goldie's slime coat.

Not all plecos decide slime coats are tasty, but when they do, the pleco's gotta go as soon as possible. Obviously I've run into this problem, but once amid the many pleco's I've kept with goldfish, so it's just a note of caution--beware that plecos are capable of doing some damage.

Lhasa Kivan wrote at 2009-05-23 08:21:13
I have also experienced the loss of two 4 inch ranchus of which one of their eyes were sucked out over night by either 2 of 6 inch plecostomus' or large dojo's sucking on the bodies of my orandas. I have seen the dojo's harrasssing the orandas sucking on the scales.  I was not sure which fish sucked out the eyes of two ranchu's one of which is still alive and very actively hardy. I suspect it was the plecos' due to a large circular wound that lasted 3 weeks on another calico ranchu. That paricular ranchu is now doing well. Of course the plecos & dojo's are all gone save one 4 inch dojo that I have not been able to catch in my 150 gallon tank that sits in a shaded area with limited direct sunlight outside in my yard. Thus the necessity of an algae eater. I have resorted to just scraping the algae in the side of the tank, and treating the algae growth in the tank infra-structure with barley extract by tetra pond. Yet there are very thick algae growth on various areas hit by sunshine and the clay pots that hold plants. I'm new to ranchu raising so if there are insights that I need to be aware of please share.

klere wrote at 2013-02-05 16:55:30
I think my chinese sucker fish has killed my Pearlscale goldfish. It has been acting agressive and territorial! It is so small and I wasnt warned the two shouldnt be mixed! Is this common to occur?

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