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Freshwater Aquarium/mixing frogs with fish??


damian wrote at 2008-11-12 19:12:12
Hi Karen , June

I just added to this question because I seem to have a rather different problem.

Firstly , I've added 4 frogs to my 80 litre tank and they do behave great with all my varieties of peaceful tropical fish . Yes there was a rpblem feeding these and I lost many until I got it right which I will expalin later.

My main problem is that one of these four frogs has grown to well over 4 inches long from head to toe and has a bodysize which is 3 to 4 times larger than the others.

This frog is not an african clawed frog and he has all the features of the others still. What I've noticed over the last few weeks is an odd couple of tetra's dissapearing and took it that they may have died and were eaten by catfish or bottom of tank fish.

I don't know if you ever came across this , but today I come home and there's two tetra's issing and the frogs stomach is twice the size. Is it possible that he's feeding on the smaller type fish even though they can easily avoid him.

WIth feeding , after expierencing many deaths and even trying the blaster I now feed these by hand using a match-stick and dipping it with fridge cold bloodworms rather than dropping them in frozen. The frogs come right to the top and take the food from the match-stick , I know it maybe not the real aquarium way of livin but it keeps them alive.

Anyway hope u can help here..


Johnny wrote at 2011-04-07 20:37:33
An odd but funny thing. I have 5 african dwarf frogs, all named Irving. They live in a tank with 4 neon tetras, an african ghost knife fish, 1 shrimp and 3 of what look to be neon danios. There is also a single albino cory catfish.

It seems that one of the Irvings has taken to the cory catfish because they're always together. Every time I look over, little Irving has his claw over the cory like a good buddy.

I've also seen one of the Irvings kiss a neon tetra. The tetra looked bewildered.

The funnest part of watching my tank is seeing the frogs play. They are definitely social and I've even seen one frog help another to shed skin. Great pets.

Pami Perry wrote at 2012-07-29 01:09:06
You can also put bubble eye black fish in the tank as well,but make sure you have two in a tank so the fish can have a buddy. So it will not get lonely. Make sure you feed them twice daily with goldfish food. I give mine flacks, pillets, and dry brine shirp. trade with the food don't feed it the same food each feeding time. This make them healthier and happy, would you like to eat the samething daily. I don't think you would. Good luck with your fish and frogs.

Smallfry wrote at 2012-11-02 09:57:29

I have 2 black-clawed albino frogs in a 20L tank and they live happily with 2 angels, 2 kissing gouramis and 2 other gouramis, they have been together for about 5 months now and iv had no problems. Iv had the frogs about 7 months and they are still no bigger than 2" (they were the size of a 10p when i got them)

I feed them on frozen blood worm, and although the fish like this too the frogs soon swim up and get it so there are no problems there. I feed them 2 blocks every 3 days and i still feed the fish flakes every day, the frogs occasionally have a nibble on the flakes too its done them no harm.

The pet shop said providing the fish i have don't live in the bottom of the tank there should be no problems as there would be no territory battle.

Hope this helps.


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