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Freshwater Aquarium Plants/Watt per gallon. High light requirement plants


JoeG wrote at 2013-12-09 00:30:07
Here's a great article on aquarium lighting.It saved me from spending money on a cheap LED system. At the bottom of the article are tables showing Watts/gallon requirements for different sized tanks with different types of lighting.

Freshwater Aquarium Plants

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I can answer any questions relating to aquatic plants and their care. I have had tons of experience working on my clients' aquaria as well as my own. By working on so many, I have encountered more varying situations than the average aquarium owner. I also have independently studied classical organic chemistry. I am pretty knowledgeable about compressed CO2 injection systems as well.


I have worked extensively on my own planted freshwater aquarium. Once I perfected my system, I have helped other individuals turn their aquariums into works of art.

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