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wdstckgrl wrote at 2008-12-28 08:07:35
I've been looking for this art piece forever.  I haven't been able to find anything like it.  Will certainly let you know if it ever turns up, please do the same.  Thanks, and good luck!

vegloo wrote at 2009-06-10 09:07:28
i think the dragonfly they're talking about is this one.

i'm also interested in it. I'm looking for a better picture of it. I'm looking at getting a tattoo similar to it.

Cheryl wrote at 2010-09-24 16:00:27
It was the turquoise dragonfly (wood) circular on Ross's door.  Have been looking for a replica for years.

Bersaglio wrote at 2010-12-26 17:39:46
Actually, kind of an old post, so not sure you or anyone checks this anymore, but the dragonfly in Ross's apartment was designed by Jacques Richard and made by a factory called Pendergrast, possibly in the 30's or 40's. I have one, and have my eye on (coveting!) two others.  As of 12/26/2010, there is one up for sale on eBay.  

Bersaglio wrote at 2010-12-26 17:44:10
Answered in another text, but will repeat - is is a semi-rare piece by Jacques Richard, produced by a studio called Pendergrast some time in the 30s or 40s.  I have one that I found on eBay - there are 2 others I know of, one on eBay now as of 12/26/2010.

(PS - in Ross's apartment and in other pics I have seen, it is not hanging correctly - the brace attached to the back for hanging makes the dragonly hang southeast rather than northwest...)

LynneMac wrote at 2011-04-05 05:50:10
I have also been looking for this piece of art for many years - thank you so much fo rthe information.  At least I  know who designed it.

Think I may have a go at doing one myself!

Jen wrote at 2014-07-15 23:25:13
I got mine from my late Grandfather. He had it hanging in the "Safari Room" at his restaurant. He had picked it up from an antique dealer in San Franciso


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